We launched Float or Founder to learn from leaders

We wanted to meet some of the best entrepreneurs in Toronto to hear their experience first-hand. From executives to venture capitalists, we get various perspectives on how to best lead and scale a company.


What Float or Founder means to us

We know how rewarding and challenging entrepreneurship can be. The term "float or founder" derives from the phrase, sink or swim. Founder has a funny definition outside the entrepreneurial world. It means to sink.

We wanted to highlight everything that is being created in our great city and what goes into running these companies. We hope you can apply our guests' lessons and advice to your own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Meet Float or Founder's Hosts

Samantha Lloyd

Samantha Lloyd is the host of Float or Founder. She is a digital marketer with over a decade of experience driving sales pipeline for organizations, primarily through organic marketing and content strategies. Samantha Lloyd is currently the Managing and Marketing Director of Skeleton Krew, a top B2B marketing agency in Toronto. After running a previous small business, she wanted to get other founders' advice to help entrepreneurs launch their next ventures.

Lisen Kaci

Lisen Kaci is the co-host of Float or Founder. He is a full stack developer and the technical founder of (what feels like) a million projects. Currently, he is Engineering Lead at Wisedocs, an AI-driven software platform for the claims industry. As a non-stop ideas man with the ability to turn plans into products, Lisen wanted to meet other founders to learn how they built their companies.

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