Zack Yassin

Zack Yassin

Creative Director, YASSIN Music

About Zack Yassin

Zack Yassin is a Creative Director, Producer, and Songwriter from the Toronto area. He deals in all aspects of the entertainment industry, from writing songs, making music videos, marketing and artist development.

Zack has been a creative director for many years and has experienced the music industry in Toronto, LA, and beyond. Since May of 2018 he has been focused on music from the artist Taizu, a rapper from Philly.

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How did you get started?

I started playing piano at 14, within months of that I was writing songs. At 18 I dropped out of University to pursue a career in the music industry. At first I thought I would just be a songwriter, that turned into producing as well. I eventually started writing and producing for local artists, and as my knowledge of the industry expanded I took on more management rolls with the artists I was developing. One thing lead to the other and to this day the job title is still expanding.

What's the most exciting thing that’s happened since launching your company?

Everything. Every dream I ever had coming true, baby!

What's the biggest roadblock you’ve faced running your company?

It is very difficult to get into this industry, a hint of success does not mean it will last very long. The most difficult part is persevering through the many times creativity comes to a halt.

Who has been key to your success?

All the beautiful creatives who have believed in my passion and gave me a shot. Notably Taizu. Also ma boys are the reason I do anything.

What is your favourite spot in Toronto?

Sam and Lisen's house.