Nadeem Nathoo

Nadeem Nathoo

Co-Founder of The Knowledge Society

About Nadeem Nathoo

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a human accelerator that builds 13-17 year olds to solve important issues globally using exponential technologies like AI, Quantum, Nanotech, Blockchain, CRISPR etc... TKS students are speaking at conferences all over the world and their work is being recognized by companies like Microsoft, Google, and even traditional organizations like major banks. By the end of the program, students will be on their way to becoming “olympic-level” CEOs, innovators, thought leaders, and researchers.

Nadeem Nathoo is the Co-Founder of The Knowledge Society (TKS), a human accelerator that focuses on exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing as tools to solve humanity’s most important problems. His ultimate goal is to completely rethink the way young people learn and develop globally. Prior to his role at TKS, Nadeem was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company where his experiences range from Semiconductors, Aerospace, Energy, and Advanced Industries, to name a few. Nadeem has successfully lead turn-arounds and growth strategies that have had global implications including facilitating a $500 million merger transition and a $2 billion strategic spin-off.

The Knowledge Society

How did you get started?

My brother and I were in Silicon Valley working on really cool projects. We knew that we wanted to dedicate our life to solving a problem that impacted billions but realized even if we did that there are still 100s of problems affecting billions around the world. We decided to focus on creating an infrastructure to build more smart people to solve hard problems and we left everything to figure it out. Now we’re here.

What's the most exciting thing that’s happened since launching your company?

Seeing our community develop a deep sense of wisdom. I know that might sound weird but the more I understand the world the more I realize wisdom is lacking. Yea sure, students are getting invited to speak at conferences all over the world in front of thousands of people, interning at companies like Microsoft and Google, and building some pretty meaningful relationships with influential people, but it really is about seeing their mindset grow.

What's the biggest roadblock you’ve faced running your company?

Overcoming parent and systemic mindset. Get good grades and your life will be great. Get good grades and you’ll be successful. We KNOW this is not the case and still pushing this ideology down people’s throats. We had no problem pushing back but some people are uncomfortable.

What do you wish you knew at the beginning?

How important being preemptive about hiring people is. Can’t be ad hoc when building a people centric organization.

Who has been key to your success?

TKS. Seriously. Where else do you get to be around smart people, learn about exponential tech, and talk about philosophy. Tons of industry leaders who are our friends just show up to TKS sometimes to learn and jam.