jennifer couldrey

Jennifer Couldrey

Executive Director, Upside Foundation

About Jennifer Couldrey

Jennifer Couldrey is the Executive Director of the, Upside Foundation a non-profit who works with startups to fund charitable organizations.

The Upside Foundation is a member association for founders of high-growth companies who want to change the world.Through Upside, CEOs embed giving back into their company DNA by committing to a donation that occurs once their company is successful. Throughout their journey, they connect with like-minded peers (over 200 Canadian scaling companies) and people who can support their business (investors and industry leaders).

Jen joined Upside in 2016 as the Foundation Manager, with the aim of helping to grow the Upside Foundation nationally. She now serves as the Executive Director of what has become one of the country’s largest tech-focused charities. Jen helps entrepreneurs make giving back a part of their core business by sharing their future upside – pledging stock options which convert to cash donations for Canadian charities in the event that the company sells or goes public.

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