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Thank you.

Float or Founder wouldn't be possible without our partnerships and sponsors. We can't thank them enough for supporting Float or Founder. They are all incredible companies that you should check out (we're definitely not bias or anything).


Get a domain name with Hover. Samantha is maybe bias because she works at Hover but they're really awesome, easy-to-use, and have over 300 domain name extensions to choose from. Whether you want to stick with the .COM, get the .FM for your podcast, or the .DOG for your dog, Hover has a domain name for you. Get a 10% discount on Hover domains with the Float or Founder promotional code.

Dovetail Basecamp

Get your Dovetail Basecamp tickets for the women in entrepreneurship event in beautiful Algonquin. Basecamp runs September 20-22 2019. Use promo code FLOAT when you grab your Basecamp tickets!

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