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living the startup podcast
Living the Startup Podcast: Metaranx, Samantha and Lisen

FanSaves' co-founders, Shannon Ferguson and Kris McCarthy sit down with Samantha and Lisen to discuss Metaranx. They share about the pivot to an no code AI builder and being couple co-founders.

origin ventures podcast logo
Guest Spot on Float or Founder: Toronto Startups and Origin Strategy

The Origin Ventures podcast discusses all things tech, startup, and venture capital with startup founders and executives, experts in our network, and other investors.

pawzy interview
Pawzy interviews Samantha Lloyd about their dogs

Pawzy's series featuring female entrepreneurs and their dogs. We're celebrating their accomplishments, and the dogs that keep them company along the way.

Metaranx: Tips for launching a startup in COVID-19

We launched our startup during challenging times. See our advice (such as starting a podcast!) to improve networking and connectivity during this time.

origin ventures podcast logoquill podcast marketplace logo
Quill podcast reviews

Discover your next podcast, read thorough reviews, or contribute your own review of any podcast series on Quill. Quill is the podcast freelance marketplace. See Float or Founder's review.

pawzy interviewfloat or founder apple podcasts
Founded customer interviews: Samantha Lloyd of Float or Founder

Founded spoke with Samantha about being a Toronto-based entrepreneur, content strategy expert, and podcaster.

float or founder album art
Podcast spotlight: Float or Founder

Discover Pods swaps emails with Samantha to discuss the podcast, how they got started, and the common characteristics that make for successful entrepreneurs.

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