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Zack Yassin on Float or Founder

Uploaded: June 3, 2019

Zack Yassin has been training in music since he was young. After nearly two decaded dedicated to connecting with artists, straddling the Toronto and LA music scene, song writing, and music production Zack is the Creative Director of a newly released album, Zu, under the artist, Taizu. This new experience led Zack into the creative world of music product, music video shoots, partnerships with tech companies, and working with a large team.

Zack Yassin sits down with Samantha and Lisen of Float or Founder to discuss handling creative differences, the best things about the Toronto and the Los Angeles music scene, diversity in the music game, and drinking wine on the hilltops of New Zealand.

Zack works with artists all around the world. Like so many of the top artists today (Drake, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber, to name a few), Zack hopes to bring the music industry and creative energy that exists in LA up to Toronto and our burgeoning music and creative scene here. Music is made on a global scale and musicians connect easily online making the industry more widespread and accessible. Artists that are willing to put themselves out there and work harder than everyone else has a better chance at success.

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Zack Yassin

Creative Director, Yassin Music

"Talent gives you some access but you need to out-work everyone around you."

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