Sheba Zaidi's on Float or Founder

If you've ever considered getting into business with your best friends, this is the podcast for you. Sheba talks about her positive experience launching County Wine Tours, a Prince Edward County-based cycling wine tour company. Her and her two friends manage their team of more than 15 employees remote from Toronto while handling demanding day jobs of their own. Their background in communications and marketing, their honesty with one another, and their passion for the County and its burgeoning wine scene led them to create a business that was profitable near immediately.

Sheba's been through the same thing all entrepreneurs face - do you turn that great idea into an actual business? They sat on their idea for a year and a half before finally moving forward and now have an incredible (and fun!) company to operate. Get out of your ideation phase!

sheba zaidi podcast

"Everything seems more intimidating before you've done it. Trust that you have the resourcefulness to figure it out."

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