Shawn Hewat and Peter Kotzeff on Float or Founder

How do two former marketers go about leading an app-based company? They take their marketing skills, bring in advisors, attend (and win!) pitch competitions, and test, test, test. Their idea for Wavy started from a personal experience - how do they navigate the coolest gems in a city while traveling or even find new spots within their own city? Did other people have this pain point? Shawn and Peter took their story and turned it into an app that anyone can use to find spots, whether on-the-go, in the moment, or for whatever kind of activities you're looking for.

Product development and leading a company require a lot of organization and time management. Peter and Shawn share the exact tools they use to manage Wavy's product development cycles, a few ideas for how they plan to monetize their app, and the anti-advertising values of their company.

shawn peter wavy podcast

"Everything is going to take longer than you want it to and that's okay."

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