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Shane Vitaly's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Shane Vitaly's podcast on Float or Founder

The fashion industry is a challenging one to be in. Shane Vitaly goes deep into building his punk jewelry brand from scratch and everything that entails. From factory mishaps to building a brick-and-mortar Toronto store from scratch to starting another jewelry brand with a new target audience. There are many different aspects to building a successful fashion brand and if you've ever thought of entering this industry, Shane's podcast is one to listen to.

Shane talks to us about being on Dragon's Den and being offered a deal from Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon. His team of dedicated individuals help him market the business as he travels between countries, discovering new trends and managing quality control. Shane shares what it takes to build brick-and-mortar shops, managing e-commerce, and creating jewelry for often-ignored markets.

shsne vitaly

Shane Vitaly

Founder & CEO, Compound Studio

"We didn't know anything about the [fashion indsustry]. If someone is passionate about something, they'll figure it out."

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