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Mark Graham's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Mark Graham's podcast on Float or Founder

People always tells you to create a business idea out of a personal pain point. Have you ever been running a company and been frustrated by an industry pain point and decided to solve that? That's exactly what Mark Graham of commonsk did. During his days running Rightsleeve, he faced challenges and needed a workflow management platform. That workflow management platform became what commonsku is today and it's made for the promotional products industry.

Mark gives a bunch of tips on balancing two companies, going through a successful acquisition, and running the company with his wife and co-founder, Catherine. He shares how they balance and integrate work and family life and their love of bringing work home as well as sharing success and solving challenges together.

mark graham

Mark Graham

Co-Founder, commonsku & Rightsleeve

"Don't try to have a hard line between work and family. The most successful people I've seen have created a great balance, a great integration."

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