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Shannon Ferguson & Kris McCarthy's podcast on Float or Founder

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Shannon Ferguson & Kris McCarthy's on Float or Founder

Uploaded: October 21, 2019

Shannon and Kris share all about the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and being startup founders. They know the importance of continuing to push through to where things are really starting to ramp up.

Both of these amazing co-founders share how they are supporting diversity in sports and sport tech through highlighting female founders and rural startups. They also discuss being a couple and how that impacts running their company. Learn how they save money when on the road, pitching their Canadian company on a global stage, working with the sports companies they once dreamed of working for, and their rabbit, Jack, who brings joy to the office!

Shannon Ferguson & Kris McCarthy podcast

Shannon Ferguson & Kris McCarthy

Co-Founders, FanSaves

"Startup founders can get discourages so easily. Having that nose to the grindstone and pushing through has made us appreciate our journey and see our business in a different light."

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