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Kerri-Lynn McAllister on Float or Founder

Uploaded: July 22, 2019

Ever faced an issue in the real world and thought "I could solve this problem" - and then done it? Kerri-Lynn McAllister takes us on her journey of launching Pawzy, a pet health and wellness marketplace designed to make the pet health industry more transparent. Kerri-Lynn has an extensive marketing background in startups and marketplaces and she has applied those skills to discover the most necessary features to launch her MVP.

On this episode of Float or Founder, Kerri-Lynn tells you how you can (easily and cheaply!) do proper market research, why it's important to give some of your company up to the right people, and how you don't need to be a morning person to succeed.

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Kerri-Lynn McAllister

Founder, Pawzy

"I've always had a collaborative approach to leadership. [I've seen] personal biases get in the way of good decison making."

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