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Justin Thouin's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Justin Thouin on Float or Founder

Uploaded: September 30, 2019

Justin started off as the "Chief Everything Officer" and shares the process of letting go of tasks as the company grew. He knows how difficult entrepreneurship is and the time you need to dedicate to build a successful company. Justin talks about his unique perspective in funding the company slowly rather than through large raises. He also takes us inside how banks and insurance companies work and how his company is attempting to improve financial literacy, access, and convenience for all Canadians.

In this podcast episode, we made an error in recording, which meant we lost the last little bit of ur rapid fire round. We wanted to record Justin's answers again, and he kindly obliged, offering great advice for any founder who makes a mistake.

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Justin Thouin

Co-Founder & CEO,

"Making mistakes and failing are actually good indicators of success."

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