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Jodi Kovitz's podcast on Float or Founder.

Jodi Kovitz's podcast on Float or Founder

Jodi Kovitz started #movethedial with a mission: elevate all women-identified folks in technology. Change the stats for all women-identified individuals in executive and founder roles. Finally, and most important, see the day where her daughter's gender is not a determinant in her success.

Jodi openly shares about women in tech, STEM in the education system, and how she created a diverse team at #movethedial. Jodi is quick to credit her team and her community and support system. She talks about the exact books she read, coaching she and her organization have gone through, and good tips and habits that any entrepreneur can use to build a thoughtful team.

jodi kovitz

Jodi Kovitz


"The first few members we hired to the team that brought diverse lived experience and various intersections to our table took some real trust building."

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