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Jodi Echakowitz's podcast on Float or Founder.

Jodi Echakowitz's podcast on Float or Founder

Quick: what happens when some bad news gets released about your company? Do you react or not? When you have good news - how do you spread the word? All these questions and more are answered by the amazing Jodi Echakowitz of Boulevard PR.

Jodi has led her PR agency for the past 18 years. She has incredible insight into running a successful B2B PR firm, managing remote teams and events, and helping companies that aren't super-sexy consumer brands get their messages out to the public. If you're looking for PR advice to watch your startup soar, Jodi has the insights for you!

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jodi Echakowitz

Jodi Echakowitz

Boulevard PR

"Take a look at what [the publisher] is doing. What are they working on? How can you help them?"

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