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Heather Payne's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Heather Payne's podcast on Float or Founder

Uploaded: October 28, 2019

Rebranding takes a lot of work. If you've ever pursued this difficult project at work, you know how much work and how many people are involved in the process. Rebranding comes with fears of rejection and a worry that your user base is in love with the brand they're used to. Thankfully, Juno College went through a successful rebrand with their user base and new sign ups adopting the new brand with ease.

Heather shares how her entrepreneurial mindset changed after she had both of her children and how she stepped back and hired people to fill roles (and succeed in them!). She also discusses how she entered into Y Combinator, and in typical founder fashion, leapt on the last minute opportunity and changed vacation plans to attend. If you've ever considered entering into Y Com, Heather discusses the benefits of being part of it. Find out Heather's journey from Ladies Learning Code (now Canada Learning Code), to HackerYou, to officially accredited Juno College of Technology.

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heather payne

Heather Payne

Founder & CEO, Juno College of Technology

"Something I always suggest to founders is if you can solve one of your own problems then that's really interesting."

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