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Gary Saarenvirta's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Gary Saarenvirta on Float or Founder

Uploaded: September 1 2019

Gary Saarenvirta is the founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence. Gary is a technical CEO who built the original software behind Daisy. His math and science background allowed him to launch an AI-based company, way back before it was a well known part of the technology industry. Rather than chasing the revered exit, he discusses growing a big brand - a company that sits up top with the Googles of the world.

In this episode, Gary discusses what AI actually is to him and to Daisy - he believes defining AI is important so that customers know exactly what to expect. Gary has funded Daisy with revenues until 2015, when he set out to raise capital from angel and investor networks. He shares the Canadian government programs available to founders, as well. Daisy creates raw, artificial intelligence software and he shares all this company has built over the past 15+ years in business.

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Gary Saarenvirta podcast

Gary Saarenvirta

Founder & CEO, Daisy Intelligence

"Having an impact on the world... is the mission. My worst nightmare would be flipping the company two years from now. I'd rather see this thing be wildly successful."

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