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Fatima Zaidi on Float or Founder

Uploaded: May 27, 2019

Fatima Zaidi has had a successful career in the tech industry and is now taking on the challenge of launching her own company. After years of watching podcasting take over as a successful advertising solution for businesses, Fatima realized there was a need to connect podcasters to services to help them succeed. As Samantha and Lisen, your hosts, learned during the process of launching a podcast - it's no easy feat, there is a lot to learn, and there are many roadblocks along the way. Fatima's new company, Quill, aims to connect podcasters with everything from editing, to spaces to book, to mentors, and so much more. Her platform will be the "Hubspot" for podcasters. It's launching soon - follow Fatima and Quill on social to see when and don't forget to sign up for their beta release.

Fatima Zaidi sits down with Samantha and Lisen of Float or Founder to discuss raising seed capital, sourcing an advisory board, finding a CTO, and swimming with the sharks.

As a connector of people, Fatima works hard to ensure everyone has access to opportunities to succeed. She's bringing this talent to the podcasting world by connecting podcasters to tools, people, and resources they need to grow their business.

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Fatima Zaidi

Co-Founder & CEO, Quill

"I believe things come full circle."

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