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Erik Lloyd's on Float or Founder

Uploaded: August 5, 2019

Erik Lloyd is busy graduating from his Masters at University of Waterloo, but that didn't stop him and his co-founders from launching Brink Bionics. Within the past year, Brink Bionics has moved from a medical prosthesis technology company to a consumer-facing gaming hardware company - using the same machine learning backing to support it. Brink Bionics has big goals surrounding human and robotics/AI interfacing. Pivoting isn't always easy - you can fall in love with your idea. Erik talks how to separate yourself so that you make the best business decisions for you.

Erik and his two co-founders are all technical researchers and he spoke to how they built out a business background and how learning that allowed them to pivot to create a better company. Erik discusses re-learning how to pitch a company that has faced a pivot, how to balance education and work, and why you take time for you and step away from work. Learn the intricacies of launching a hardware company (and how you can be an early adopter of the product)!

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Erik Lloyd

Co-Founder & CEO, Brink Bionics

"The idea that you have to work 100 hour work weeks is not sustainable. Glorifying that is problematic for founders."

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