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Erica Pearson's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Erica Pearson's on Float or Founder

Uploaded: October 7, 2019

How do you retain good employees, prevent burnout, take unused vacation days off the balance sheet? How do you get employees to actually take their acrued vacation days? Adopt a wellness program that gets over 80% opt in that provides employer-matched vacation savings.

Erica Pearson is the founder and CEO of Vacation Fund. She shares how she started off with a scrappy and manual MVP to prove the concept, strategies for how a new founder can take time off (as best as possible!), and pitching as a first-time founder. She shares about the importance of living as many experiences as possible for a fulfilling life and how that mission fuels her team and her company.

erica pearson podcast

Erica Pearson

Founder, Vacation Fund

"There is so much doubt to overcome that can only be overcome by continuing to prove yourself."

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