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Chanele McFarlane's podcast on Float or Founder.

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Chanele McFarlane on Float or Founder

Uploaded: September 9 2019

Chanele McFarlane is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Do Well Dress Well, a content platform that helps people create remarkable careers and personal brands. She shares with us the challenges and benefits of running a content platform. Chanele has advice for any young entrepreneur looking to launch their next big personal branding item. Chanele has explored monetization, different digital marketing tactics to gain traction, and talks about how she grew her audience in the early days. As a millennial who is all too familiar with how we are balancing a million and one things, Chanele shares how she's grown great initiatives in her spare time and surrounded herself with supportive people.

Chanele also shares with us how she's impacting diversity in networking events through her other venture, Confidence Through Conferences. She wants to encourage diversity at conferences by making those (often pricy!) networking events accessible to all.

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Chanele McFarlane

Founder, Do Well Dress Well

"My biggest barrier was myself. I felt scared to put this idea into the world. It took two and half years to get over myself... and click publish."

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