Float or Founder

Learn about our guests and their amazing companies.

Not to brag, but the Float or Founder podcast guests are pretty awesome. We are humbled to get to meet all of these leaders and learn from their founder journeys. Each one of these entrepreneurs has a unique perspective on raising capital, funding their company, building a team, and so much more. We are so proud to show off our Canadian, and specifically, Torontonian startup ecosystem across a wide variety of industries. Read the Float or Founder guest bios below to learn more about these entrepreneurs.

New episodes released every Monday!

heather payne podcast

Heather Payne

Founder & CEO, Juno College

jodi echakowitz podcast

Jodi Echakowitz

Founder & CEO, Boulevard PR

jodi kovitz podcast

Jodi Kovitz

Founder & CEO, #movethedial

paula liete podcast

Paula Liete

Founder, Caju Winds

jeffrey james mackinnon podcast

Jeffrey Mackinnon

Founder, Jeffrey James Bridal

Kena Paranjape podcast

Kena Paranjape

Founder, All You Are

michelle mcbane

Michelle McBane

Co-Founder, Managing Director, StandUp Ventures

farhan thawar

Farhan Thawar

Co-Founder & CTO, Helpful

jacqueline leung

Jacqueline Leung

Founder, Pressed

Derek Manuge podcast

Derek Manuge

Co-Founder & CEO, Corl

Kena Paranjape podcast

Kena Paranjape

Founder, All You Are

carolyn stephanie hoame podcast

Stephanie Kersta, Carolyn Plater

Co-Founders, Hoame

mark graham

Mark Graham

Co-Founder, commonsku + RightSleeve

Jonathan Nightingale

Jonathan Nightingale

Co-Founder, Raw Signal Group

melissa nightingale

Melissa Nightingale

Co-Founder, Raw Signal Group

shane vitaly

Shane Vitaly

Founder, Vitaly Designs.

derek hopfner

Derek Hopfner

Co-Founder, Founded

shane murphy

Shane Murphy

Co-Founder, Founded

erin bury kevin oulds

Erin Bury & Kevin Oulds

Co-Founders, Willful.

Shannon Ferguson podcast

Shannon Ferguson

Co-Founder & CEO, FanSaves Inc.

Kris McCarthypodcast

Kris McCarthy

Co-Founder & COO, FanSaves Inc

Erica Pearson podcast

Erica Pearson

Co-Founder & CEO, Vacation Fund

Justin Thouin podcast

Justin Thouin

Co-Founder & CEO, LowestRates.ca

Kelsey Ramsden

Kelsey Ramsden

Former Founder, Author, Consultant

Trang Trinh

Trang Trinh

Founding Director & CEO, TREC Brands

Chanele McFarlane

Chanele McFarlane

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Do Well Dress Well

Gary Saarenvirta podcast

Gary Saarenvirta

Founder and CEO, Daisy Intelligence

Bobby Umar podcast

Bobby Umar

Founder, DYPB and Speaker

Shawn Hewat podcast

Shawn Hewat

Co-Founder, Wavy

Alexis Dean podcast

Alexis Dean

Founder, Dovetail Community

Erik Lloyd podcast

Erik Lloyd

Co-Founder & CEO, Brink Bionics

sheba zaidi podcast

Sheba Zaidi

Co-Founder & CEO, County Wine Tours

kerri-lynn mcallister podcast

Kerri-Lynn McAllister

Founder, Pawzy

edwin frondozo podcast

Edwin Frondozo

The Business Leadership Podcast

Rachel Kelly podcast

Rachel Kelly

Founder & Chief Lemon, Make Lemonade

Shira Yoskovitch podcast

Shira Yoskovitch

Founder, Handled

Nadeem Nathoo podcast

Nadeem Nathoo

Co-Founder, The Knowledge Society

Simon Mills podcast

Simon Mills

Co-Chair, Venture Out

Jeanette Stock podcast

Jeanette Stock

Founder, Venture Out

Jennifer Couldrey podcast

Jennifer Couldrey

Executive Director, The Upside Foundation

Zack Yassin podcast

Zack Yassin

Creative Director, Yassin Music

Fatima Zaidi podcast

Fatima Zaidi

Co-Founder & CEO, Quill