rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking.



(of a plan or undertaking) fail or break down, typically as a result of a particular problem or setback.

Sink or Swim

it can feel like you're up against a lot when you start your own company.

It can be downright daunting to take on the challenges that founders face - and those difficulties don't disappear even when success comes. Setbacks and challenges do not need to equate to failure. The term "float or founder" derives from the phrase, sink or swim. Founder has a funny defintion outside the entrepreneurial world. It means to sink.

Float or Founder features the greatest and latest Toronto founders and entrepreneurs across all markets and niches. We wanted to highlight everything that is being invented and created in our great city. If you want to be a founder, Toronto is the ideal location to carry you forward and you will not be disappointed by the resources and the people of Toronto. You will learn how our podcast guests accomplished what they have, important things they learned along their journey, and how they handle challenges. We hope you can apply their lessons and advice to your own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Meet Float or Founder's Hosts

Samantha Lloyd float or founder

Samantha Lloyd


Samantha Lloyd is a digital marketer and entrepreneur based out of Toronto. She was the co-founder of a digital marketing and web dev agency that eventually landed her a fulfilling career in digital and content marketing. After experiencing success and roadblocks in running her company, she wanted to get other founders' stories and advice to help others launch their next ventures.

Lisen Kaci float or founder

Lisen Kaci


Lisen Kaci is a software developer and the technical founder of (what feels like) a million products. Starting with the agency, then on to Fact Checker, Linkster, and Chart&Go. As a non-stop idea man with the ability to put plans into products, Lisen wanted to meet other founders who have built the companies they lead.

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